The Heroes Project 2015

The Heroes Project supports veterans with three initiatives: Climbs for Heroes, Hope for Heroes, and Voices for Heroes. On Sunday April 12, I hope to support Climb for Heroes.

Supporting our veterans is important. Activities, such as hiking, have proven to be a huge gift in the livelihood of our vets, helping them find a renewed purpose and providing mental, physical, and emotional healing. Personally, hiking has become an integral part of my physical and mental well-being. While the physical benefits of hiking are obvious, the mental benefits are amazing and underrated. I can honestly say that I need the outdoors to be at my best. The mental, physical, and emotional challenges I face in the mountains make me a better person; I can see how Climb For Heroes can help veterans recover from their injuries suffered at war.

If you would like to support my hike, please look at the information below. To learn more about this organization, please vist (Tax ID# 27-1288926).


Our athletic endeavors teach us to endure, to persevere, to find strength and joy and to share an amazing bond with our partners. Those who pursue outdoor sports get to be in nature, see its beauty and experience its raw power and utter indifference to our struggles. For me these lessons are a spiritual journey. They give me more inner peace and awareness than meditation.” -Molly Absolon