Help Riley and Lyndon live their Kurgo Adventure.

Riley and I have some epic hiking planned for this summer and we’re so close to making it happen. If you have a few seconds, please take a look at our story and vote for us.

Help Riley and Lyndon live theirĀ Kurgo Adventure. Please vote now.

2 Responses

  1. Amanda

    I think I voted… you just click on the thumb, right? Anyway… I did that and I couldn’t click it again so I assume I did it. By the way, the picture on the right was the best picture to put in. He looks so sad. šŸ™

    • TheHikingGeek

      Thanks Amanda! A few people have had problems voting, but if it says ‘current votes’ instead of ‘vote for this adventure,’ your vote went through. I love that photo, so expressive, but yes, sad.