My Favorite Time to Hike and Take Photos

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Despite the trouble it causes during it’s first few weeks (we have a young son), I like daylight savings time. Without it, I’d have a much tougher time convincing my hiking buddies to start early enough to get those early morning photos I love so much.

Looking back through the photos I’ve taken over the years, I always seem to gravitate towards those that were taken around sunrise. In particular the 2 hours that surround sunrise, approximately starting an hour before until an hour after. The colors, the solitude, and somehow knowing that few willingly make the sacrifices needed to see what I am seeing, make it a very special and unique time for me. Hiking with a headlamp or by moonlight leading up to this time is also great; the time and mileage seem to pass much faster for me.

Whats’s your favorite time for hiking and taking photos? Feel free to share some of your best below.

The  gallery below (~40 photos) loads slowly. Thank you for your patience.


Here’s some info on the gear I carry, when I have photography in mind:

  • Camera Carry Systems – in my experience, an essential piece of keep to keep my camera easily accessible and secure. These are the two systems I’ve used:
  • Cameras
    • Sony NEX
      • In my experience, it’s a great compromise for weight vs. quality. One of my best purchases ever.
    • Nikon D80
      • It doesn’t get used much anymore, but if there’s something wrong with the NEX or if I need more control (moon photos for example), I carry it.
    • Filters
      • In the past, I’ve just used UV filters as a way to protect my lenses. Recently though, I’ve been using a CPL Filter for my sunrise photos and have been happy with the results.

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  1. Ray

    You should try an ND filter too. CPL are awesome though for reflection on water or too much glare but ND filters give that awesome calm feeling when there is too much light like when you are on a summit at noon. ND will give you that professional look and it will help you save time editing 😉