In Progress: Utah & Colorado Backpacking, Hiking and Snowshoeing – March 2016

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After weeks of planning, I’m finally hitting the road. If all goes as planned, I’ll backpack in Coyote Gulch, take in the views at Bryce Canyon, snowshoe in Salt Lake City and Colorado and if the weather cooperates, attempt to bag my 4th 14’er.

Here are some last minute thoughts on my itinerary gear and food. This is the second entry I’ve posted regarding the planning for this trip. The first one can be seen here:
Trip Planning: Utah & Colorado Backpacking, Hiking and Snowshoeing – March 2016


I hope to see these places:


I’ll be hitting a wide variety of terrain, from Utah Canyons to a Colorado 14,000 footer. This is allow me to get out with a ton of my gear. Here’s some of the stuff that I plan on using:




I learned a ton about food and what I’ll eat on the trail during my HST hike. I really like some of the backpacking  meals made by some of the smaller companies (more on this later), but I did not put in an order soon enough for this trip. I haven’t used Mountain House food much lately, but I’m giving it a shot on this trip. As far as local store bought stuff, two of my trail favorites are:

  • Jack Links Beef Sticks
    • I usually opt for “healthier” jerky with lower fat, but the calories/oz are tough to beat (138 vs. 65)
  • Triscuits
    • The Jack Links are greasier than I’d like, but when paired with triscuits, they’re great. At 120 calories per ounce, the triscuits have a good caloric density on their own.