Trail Conditions: Coyote Gulch via Redwell TH, March 18-20 2016

So quick notes from the road. I’ll add info as time allows:

  • Joe was able to hike from Redwell Trailhead to Coyote Natural Bridge with mid-height waterproof boots and keep his feet sand free and dry. If you have no existing foot issues Teva-style sandals would work well for most of the trail. If I were to hike this route again in similar conditions, I would use waterproof boots until the bridge, then use something like Columbia Men’s Supervent Water Shoes.
  • The water was very silty. I recommend using something like a coffee filter as an additional pre-filter for your water filter.
  • We were told that it was 6 miles from Redwell TH to Jacob Hamblin Arch. It seems like it was much longer and our GPS devices tracked it as such. I need to clean up my GPX file and I will post the results later.

For those following my trip, I’m skipping the SLC portion and headed to the Vail area today. Hopefully the I-70 won’t be too much of a headache.

The  gallery contains panoramas and will load slowly. Thank you for your patience.

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