#FlashbackFriday – Fatherly Musings in Zion National Park

Almost a year ago, we visited Zion NP. That weekend, my 2 year old son helped me realize a few things about myself, my relationship with him and this blog. During our drive home I wrote and entry for this blog. Part of it read:

… I finally understand that I have a different type of goal. A goal that will follow me wherever I bring my son and in everything we do together – I need to cultivate and encourage my son’s sense of adventure and wonder. Help him dream big and believe that anything is possible. Build a respect and awe for Mother Nature. Help him understand why he’s collecting stamps showing his visits to National Parks, instead of collecting autographs from fictional characters at Disney.” source: Hiking with Kids: Fatherly Musings in Zion National Park, April 24 2015

That entry soon became one the most popular posts on this blog. The writing in that post was very different than my previous entries. In addition to what I learned about myself and my relationship with my son, I also learned that people weren’t just interested in stats and photos, but wanted to read about the ‘human’ side of things. After that weekend, my outlook and writing style changed, web traffic increased and more opportunities presented themselves. Without everything I learned, I’m not sure this blog would be where it is today; I certainly wouldn’t be an ambassador for Kids to Parks Day!

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