Photos: Bridge to Nowhere (San Gabriel Mountains, Azusa CA)

Bridge to Nowhere had been on radar for a couple of years, but with the CA drought, we always decided to hike other areas. Luckily only a couple of weeks before I left CA, we had a nice day with some recent rainfall. I decided it was finally time to head out there. It’s a great hike for beginners. If you’re just starting yourself or are looking for a place to bring friends that you want to introduce to hiking, I highly recommend it.

With my cross-country move in March, I’ve fallen way behind on editing photos and writing trip reports. I’m hoping that I’ll come back at some point and add some details, but for now, here are my photos as well as some notes that I jotted down after the hike (February 27 2016): has a great write-up on this hike located here: HIKING THE EAST FORK OF SAN GABRIEL RIVER TO THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE

I have a bunch of photos to post and plan to write more about our trip, but for now, here are some notes on what we found:

  • Get there early. We arrived at the trailhead around 6:30 AM and the parking lot was nearly full. This was in February. I can’t imagine how busy it is late spring or early summer.
  • There were lots of flowers that were starting to bloom. I would imagine that by the second week of March, it will be very beautiful.
  • At first, some in the group tried to keep their feet dry. You’re better off realizing that your feet will get and going in on your own terms – ie don’t fall in b/c you’re trying to stay dry.
  • At it’s deepest, the water was about mid-calf deep where we crossed. With the precipitation coming over the next few days though, this will likely change.


The  gallery contains panoramas and will load slowly. Thank you for your patience.

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The conditions were excellent for testing the winter traction devices I’ve received over that last few weeks: