Trail & Snow Conditions: Avalanche Danger in Icehouse Canyon (Mt. Baldy Area), February 19, 2017

Avalanche Conditions

As expected, the recent storms have created conditions conducive to avalanches. Some friends from SoCal Hike & Peakbag (S.C.H.P.) were in the Icehouse Canyon area on February 19, 2017.

Before reaching their destination, they decided to turn around due to conditions:

Went up Icehouse today. Plan was to climb Timber. Turned back when we saw these avalanche trails and slabs. Told everyone coming up there about the avalanche danger. Everyone turned around… EXCEPT for a large Meetup group (counted ~15 people hiking together). They were heading up with just snowshoes to climb Bighorn.

Here are some photos that S.C.H.P sent to me. Waiting a few days while the snow consolidates is highly recommended. You can check the SoCal Snow Avalanche Center for updates. 

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