NH 48 4000 Footers: The Osceolas

September 7, I hiked Osceola and East Osceola, which were my 7th and 8th 4,000 footers. Here are some helpful links I found while researching the hike:  Hike Mount Osceola – 4000Footers.com Hike Mount Osceola from Tripoli Road – northeasthikes.com Weather Mount Osceola, NOAA Mount Osceola, Mountain Weather Forecast The Plan I had originally planned to hike Waumbek and Cabot … Read More

52 With a View: Mount Cube

September 3, Chloe and I hiked Mount cube, which was my 5th  52 with a view (52WAV) peak. We also summited North Cube. Here are some helpful links I found while researching the hike:  Climbing Mount Cube and North Cube – SectionHiker.com Mount Cube – Dartmouth Outdoors Weather Mount Cube, NOAA Smarts Mountain (closest forecast to Cube), Mountain Weather Forecast … Read More

NH 48 4000 Footers & 52 WAV: Mt. Willey, Mt. Field, Mt. Tom and Mt. Avalon – Crawford Notch, NH

Tuesday June 19, I hiked my 4th, 5th and 6th 4,000 footers. We also hiked Avalon, which is on the 52 With a View list. The Plan Our plan for the day is outlined in Hike in Progress: Mt. Willey, Mt. Field, Mt. Tom and Mt. Avalon. To summarize, we planned to hike Willey, Field, Tom and Avalon (in that order) … Read More

#EarnYourTurns: Okemo via World Cup (March 9, 2018)

This is my 2nd pre-work hike this year and my first time reaching the summit. I decided to try something that presumably had a more gradual climb than Nor’easter. Since Lower World Cup is a blue square and the entirety of Nor’east is a black diamond, I figured World Cup looked like a good candidate.  I also hoped to carry … Read More

Trip Report: Mt. Tecumseh (Waterville Valley, NH)

I had originally planned to hike my first winter 4,000 footer on Friday February 17th. I posted questions on a few Facebook threads asking about general conditions in the WMNF, what trail I should hike as my first winter 4,000 footer, etc. There were some concerns about a very windy system moving into the area, so I decided to delay my hike … Read More

52 With-A-View: Mount Kearsarge – Wilmont, NH (October 11, 2016)

Looking for a local mountain with possible foliage views, I decided to hike Mount Kearsarge. I got a later start than expected, which made for some beautiful views from the summit with the setting sun, but I was also slower than expected due to descending in the dark. I hope to head back again to get some pictures of the Winslow … Read More

Hiking with Kids & 52-With-A-View: Mount Willard – Carroll, NH (October 8, 2016)

With the foliage peaking this weekend, our family was looking for a relatively easy hike with a nice view. I am nursing an ankle injury and we were hoping we’d find something that our 4 year could hike on his own. My wife found Mt. Willard online and based on the description, it sounded like a great fit for what … Read More

52 With-A-View: Mt. Monadnock via White Dot and White Cross Trails – Jaffrey, NH (August 3, 2016)

With the recent passing of my partner in crime and best hiking buddy Riley, I haven’t been out lately, nor have I even been able to look at my hiking gear without feeling emotional. My grand plans for a AT section hike focused around a fund raiser for Alzheimer’s have also been put on hold since Riley was to be my … Read More

Lake Solitude via Andrew Brook Trail – Newbury, NH (June 18, 2016)

I first learned about this hike a few weeks ago. My family and a few friends had planned on participating in Kids to Parks Day 2016 with a trip to the White Mountains. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we cancelled the trip. I was unable to hike that day, but my wife planned a local hike for our group. Going through … Read More

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