Hike in Progress: Mt. Tecumseh (Waterville Valley, NH)

I’m hoping to finally hike my first NH 4000 footer since moving to NH last year. 

I hope to hit the trail around 7:30 AM Friday February 19. You’ll be able to watch my progress below, which will be tracked by my DeLorme InReach Explorer Two Way Satellite Communicator. It should start updating my location as soon as I hit the trail. Please note: During my hike, the image below was a live, interactive map. It is now a static image, showing what was visible as I finished my hike. An explanation of what you’re looking at below will be posted soon. 


Trip Plan

  • Trail Name: Mt. Tecumseh Trail
  • Intended Route: Up/down Tecumseh Trail, may check out viewpoint from Sosman Trail
  • Departure & Return Time/Date:  Day hike for Feb 19 2017. Leave home around 6:00 AM. Hope to return home by 4:00 PM at the latest 
  • Hike Itinerary: The times below are based on the trip reports I’ve read. I have no idea if the trail has been broken or not. My turnaround time is 1:00 PM. I will update my inReach status when I start my descent, whether it starts from the summit or below.  
    • 7:30 AM: Start hike, will send inReach message and start tracking, viewable at https://share.delorme.com/hikinggeek
    • 12:00 PM: Summit, will send inReach message
    • 12:15 PM: Start descent
    • 2:30 PM: Back at trailhead, will send inReach message
  • Vehicle Description: Black Subaru Impreza with NH plates
  • Notable Gear (for identification purposes):

Mt. Tecumseh Information