First Look: Trew BeWild Jacket

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Why Buy?

I’ve been looking for a versatile jacket… something that could serve as lightweight rain protection on backpacking trips in the High Sierra and White Mountains, but also be used as a wind/waterproof shell for winter hiking and snowshoeing. With the high cost of quality gear, it is a huge plus if gear is versatile and can be used during different seasons.

Trew is a company that I had seen mentioned via When I was asked if I was interested in testing the BeWild Jacket, I was quite exited after checking out it’s specs.

  • 100% nylon stretch shell
  • 8-denier circular knit backing 
  • Highly breathable polyurethane membrane
  • 20k watrproof
  • 40k g/m2 breathable
  • Chest pocket doubles as stuff sack
  • Weather-protected hand-pockets 
  • Two point adjustable hem
  • Single-point adjustable hood with articulated brim
  • Reflective film on lower back
  • Medium weighs 13 oz. 



Initial Impressions/Unboxing Photos

I have yet to use my BeWild Jacket on a serious hike or snowshoe trip, but here are some initial impressions:

  • I’m impressed with the quality/craftsmanship. YKK zippers are used throughout the jacket, all seams are sealed with tape and the jacket is reinforced at high stress points.  
  • The jacket does have underarm zip vents, which is omitted from the jacket’s list of features on Trew’s website. Personally, I would not purchase a rain jacket for hiking if it does not have underarm vents. 
  • The material is very interesting. Instead of feeling “garbage-bag-like” as one would expect with a lightweight rain jacket, the material used reminds me of the moon boots I owned as a kid back in the 80s. 
  • Although the jacket can be stuffed/packed into the chest pocket, the pocket can not be zipped up. It’s a tight fit and a reversible zipper should have been used on the chest pocket.
  • The jacket isn’t ultralight at 12.6 oz (per my food scale), but for a 3 layer jacket, the weight is impressive. 
  • I am 5 ft 9 in tall and weigh ~170 lbs. My chest measurement is 41 in and my sleeve length is 35 in. The jacket in a size medium fits nicely and I am able to comfortably wear multiples layers underneath it. 
  • In terms of color, the jackets are lighter/brighter than they appear on the website. 

Here are some unboxing photos of the BeWild Jacket in two of the colors that are offered. I ended up keeping the black version. 




Future Testing

The jacket will be tested extensively during my hiking and snowshoeing trips over the next several months. I am particularly interested in: 

  • the jacket’s ability to keep me dry and block out wind
  • the jacket’s breathability – I’ve never owned a jacket with such a high rating (40k g/m2)
  • the jacket’s durability – I tend to like backcountry, off trail travel during the winter. It will be interesting to see how durable the thin material is.  
Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this entry were provided to by TREW.