Looking for Levi …

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UPDATE: May 27th, 10:30 A.M. – I searched for a couple of hours, covering three soggy & brush-filled miles. I unfortunately did not see any signs of Levi. I will update this entry if I hear anything from his owner. 

My wife recently ran across a post on Facebook asking for volunteers. They need experienced hikers to help locate a dog that has gone missing (somewhat) locally. 

I plan to start my search around 7:30 A.M. tomorrow morning (May 26th). You’ll be able to watch my progress below, which will be tracked by my DeLorme InReach Explorer Two Way Satellite Communicator. It should start updating my location as soon as I hit the trail.  Please note: During my hike, the image below was a live, interactive map. It is now a static image, showing what was visible as I finished my hike. An explanation of what you’re looking at below will be posted soon. 


Trip Plan

  • Trail Name: N/A
  • Intended Route: Based on information from the dog’s owner, I will start my search somewhere between South Royalton Hill and VT-14. I have printed out a topo map, but since I am not familiar with the area and there aren’t any trails, I won’t know where I am headed until I get a good look at the terrain. 
  • Departure & Return Time/Date:  Day hike for May 27 2017. Leave home around 6:30 A.M. Hope to return home around noon. 
  • Hike Itinerary:   
    • 7:30 AM: Start searching, will send inReach message and start tracking, viewable at http://www.hikinggeek.com/FindHikingGeek
    • 9:00 A.M.: Turn around time 
    • 11:00 A.M.: Back at car, will send inReach message
  • Vehicle Description: Black Subaru Impreza with NH plates
  • Notable Gear (for identification purposes):