Mosquito Flats Trailhead to Mono Pass, Mono Pass Peak (12,780′) & Summit Lake, July 17 2015

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The Plan

I had originally planned for an overnight trip to Mt. Langley, but after several cancellations, I decided that I would just take on several day hikes solo. Looking at a list of possible hikes in the area, I decided on Mono Pass, with the possibility of cross country to Mono Pass Peak.

Here are the stats I had compiled going into the hike:

Mono Pass (12,060′) and Mono Pass Peak (12,780′)

  • Mosquito Flats >Mono Pass > Mono Pass Peak > Scenic Overlook Totals: ~10 miles RT || Duration: ~6-8 hrs || Elevation Change: ±2580′ || Max Elevation: 12,780′
  • Sections: 
    • Mosquito Flats > Ruby Lake Junction
      • 2 miles || +890, -90
    • Ruby Lake Junction > Mono Pass
      • 1.75 miles || +1175, -155
    • Mono Pass > Mono Peak > Mono Pass
      • 1.4 miles || ±850
    • Mono Pass > Scenic Overlook
      • .5 miles || ±100

 The Outcome

I hit the road by 5:30 am and arrived at the trailhead around 11 am. By this time, the parking lot at Mosquito Flats was already full, so I had to park in the overflow parking. Starting my day at 1,400′, I could feel the elevation (~10,200′) just getting out of the car. I made steady progress until I reached Mono Pass, making a few short stops to talk with other hikers.

After reaching the pass, I made my way towards the peak (using my GPS) and eventually found another hiker’s tracks. I followed their tracks, checking my GPS every once in a while until it was apparent that they had pick a good route. Progress was ok until I hit 12,500.’ My legs started to tire at that point and I could feel an altitude headache coming on. Once I hit the summit, I stayed a few minutes to take in one of the best views I’ve ever seen (not sure why I’ve never heard anyone speak of it!). After descending to Summit Lake, I met a group of 3 backpackers and spent about 30 minutes talking to them. Since I had a much better vantage point from the peak, I skipped the ‘scenic overlook’ and headed back to the trailhead.

Mosquito Flats >Mono Pass > Mono Pass Peak > Summit Lake (as measured):

  • 10 miles RT || Duration: ~6.5 hrs (30 minute break at Summit Lake)
    • Sections: Mosquito Flats > Ruby Lake Junction
      • 2 miles || 1 hr
    • Ruby Lake Junction > Mono Pass
      • 2.1 miles || 1.5 hrs
    • Mono Pass > Mono Pass Peak
      • .65 miles || 1 hr || Notes: cross country
    • Mono Pass Peak > Summit Lake
      • .9 miles || 30 mins || Notes: cross country
    • Summit Lake > Mosquito Flats Trailhead
      • 4.5 miles || 2 hrs


Most of the gear I used on this hike was also carried on my Bishop Pass trip the previous weekend.


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