Hiking with Dogs: Blue Mountain, November 21 2015

I didn’t have time to get out for an extended hike, but wanted to spend some time testing the functionality of my new camera. The Sony Alpha 6000 has the ability to download apps. One of the apps I wanted to test allows your smartphone to be used as a remote for the camera. The other app I wanted to test allows the camera to be used for time-lapse photos.

Riley and I headed up to Blue Mountain. I knew I’d have a nice view of the sunrise towards the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto wildernesses, as well a nice view of alpineglow on the San Gabriel Mountains. I had no idea exactly when or where the sun would break over the mountains, but I took my best guess and setup my camera and tripod. Unfortunately, my time lapse stopped about 60 seconds before the sun appeared and I could not get setup for another shot quickly enough.


That night, headed back out to shoot another time-lapse.

Geek Stats

Blue Moutain || Distance: ~2 mi || Duration: 1.5 hrs