Gear Comparison: Kahtoola K·10 Hiking Crampons vs Hillsound Trail Crampon PRO

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On one of the Facebook groups I belong to, the members were discussing the differences between Kahtoola K·10 Hiking Crampons and Hillsound Trail Crampon PROs. Since I own both, I snapped a few pics of them. Also, here are some notes of the key differences I’ve noticed.

  • Binding system (not pictured, will get more pics later)
    • I prefer the Hillsound bindings, but have heard about them breaking. I haven’t had any problems yet.
  • “Front” Points:
    • On the Kahtoolas, all points face down, including the points closest to the front of the crampons.
    • The front points on the Hillsounds point forward
  • If you draw a line from your heel to your toes, and assume this line is 0°:
    • Points near the back of the ball of your foot:
      • Kahtoolas – 90° angle
      • Hillsounds – 45° angle
    • Points near the front of your heel:
      • Kahtoolas – 90° angle
      • Hillsounds – 0°/parallel
    • I’m not sure where I read or heard this, but I’m told Kahtoola used the 90° angle for these points to keep your feet from slipping on descents.
  • Anti-balling
    • Skins made from reinforced fabric
    • Plates made from rubber/plastic
  • Size Adjustment
    • The Hillsounds require the use a set screw that requires an allen wrench for adjustment.
    • The Kahtoolas have a spring loaded mechanism that requires no tools.
  • “Flex bar” (bar connected the front sections and rear sections of the crampons

Here is a table comparing the features of these crampons hiking crampons:

  Trail Crampon PRO K•10 Hiking Crampon
# of Points 10 10
Point Length 2.0 cm 1.9 cm
Front Points Yes No
Weight (Large/Reg) 680 g / 23.5 oz 608 g / 21.4 oz
Point Material S50C Carbon Steel 4130 Chromoly Steel
Harness Material Polycarbonate TBD
 Notes Shares features with mountaineering crampons, but not meant for technical climbing the lightest steel crampon on the market”
MSRP $79.99 $99.95

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