Testing Cold Weather Gear in April… Part 3

Since moving back to NH, I’ve put more thought into deciding what gear I’d carry if I were backpacking in cold & rainy weather.  Tonight it is cold (26° predicted, 22° with windchill), so I’m planning to spend the night outside.

Here is some of the gear that I’ll be using/testing tonight and that appears in the video below.

I’m hoping to go on a 10 day backpacking trip this summer. Some ideas that have been thrown around are the “Hundred-Mile Wilderness” section of the AT, section hiking parts of AT in NH or VT, or hitting the Eastern Sierra (I have permits out of Onion Valley and the Rae Lakes Loop for August). This setup is similar to what I think I would carry on any of these trips if cold temps and rain are predicted. As time allows, I will post my results, as well details on why I’ve chosen particular gear.

I’m undecided on a rain jacket/poncho or possibly rain pants. If you have any suggestions, please post them below!

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