Snowshoeing with kid(s) and dog(s): March 8, 2018

With my son’s snowshoeing & winter “camping” trip coming up March 17, I decided to get him out for a while with his snowshoes. I’ve also been wanting to get out on a local trail with Chloe, our new dog, to see how her recall is when she is off leash with lots of distractions around. We ended up covering … Read More

Hiking with Kids: Sunset Hill – Newbury, NH (September 29, 2016)

My wife, the boys and I wanted to get outside for some fresh air and foliage viewing. I had driven by a sign for Sunset Hill last week while searching for a section of the SRKG. After a quick google search, I found that Sunset Hill was a short trail, offering “sweeping views of Lake Sunapee, Mount Sunapee, Kearsarge, and … Read More

Hiking with Kids & Dogs: Kidder Brook & Morgan Pond Trail Loop- Springfield, NH (August 8, 2016)

We hiked a loop, starting at the Kidder Brook Bridge and taking Kidder Brook Trail to Morgan Pond Trail Loop. Kidder Brook Trail is New London Conservation Commission Trail #10 and Morgan Pond Trail is trail #20.  You can learn more about this trail and the Conservation Commission here:

Brookside Park – Grantham, NH (July 11, 2016)

More of a nature path than a hike, Brookside Park’s short (< 1 mile), fun trail is a great place for locals to go if they have young children or just want to get out for a few minutes. The trail appears to be new or has had sections recently rebuilt. There are signs (complete with QR Codes) telling the history of the area, as … Read More

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