Whitewater Preserve, October 17 2014

This was our last training hiking before Cactus to Clouds, scheduled for October 24th. The weekend before a big hike, I like to take it easy, but still get out; for me personally, it’s more important to make sure that my legs and body are fresh and completely recovered. I also deload my workouts at the gym.

I decided that Whitewater Canyon would be a perfect place for our last hike – easy hike with a great view of San Jacinto’s profile, giving everyone an idea of exactly what they’d be hiking the following weekend. We planned to at least hike to the high point of the trail as it goes from Whitewater Preserve to Mission Creek Preserve. Looking at a topo, I pick out a nearby ‘peak’ and mapped out a route in case we got adventurous and wanted to climb higher.

With some in the group working in the afternoon, we got an early start and make it to our turnaround point by sunrise. We then headed off of the PCT to hit the ‘peak’ I’d found on the topo map, then followed a ridge that brought us back down to the wash. Once we were in the wash, we followed the PCT back to the car.

For more info on this area, please check out the The Wildlands Conservancy’s website: http://www.wildlandsconservancy.org/preserve_whitewater.html

Geek Stats

White Water Canyon Preserve Exploration || Distance: 7 mi || Duration: ~4 hours || Gain/Loss: ±1,280′ || Net Elevation Gain (at Max Elevation): +1,206′ || Max Elevation: 3,405′ || Difficulty: Easy

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