Top 5 of 2015: Most Memorable Hikes

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The last year has been amazing. I spent more days on the trail than I ever have, took my first extended backpacking trip (High Sierra Trail) and I became an ambassador for 3 great companies. Out of my 50+ days on the trail, there are 5 that really stand out. Here they are:

  • Some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen and I introduced some ‘newbies’ to hiking in the Sierra. I think they’re hooked!

  • I’ve never gone to such extremes to bag a peak. Our day started at 4 am and I wasn’t in bed until 4 am the next day. 2 hours later, I was getting ready for work.

3. Alto Diablo Peak via ‘Duct Tape Ridge’

  • This was my introduction to backcountry/off-trail snowshoeing and was instrumental in me pursuing my ‘backcountry’ ambassadorship with Tubbs Snowshoes.

2. High Sierra Trail, Day 6 – Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal 

  • On our 3rd attempt, Gilbert and I finally summited Mt. Whitney together.

1 . High Sierra Trail, Day 2 – Bearpaw Meadow to Precipice Lake

  • After one of my toughest days ever on the trail (sciatic and plantar fascia pain), I was treated to one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen.

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